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    The U.S. aviation system is expected to 'remain challenged this summer and beyond,' and the Federal Aviation Administration needs more air traffic control staff, a senior United Airlines executive said on Wednesday.

  2. 'Supreme

    Physicians say it's not always clear when an intervention will be allowed under life-saving exceptions to abortion bans in U.S. states. One ob-gyn asked: “What does the risk of death have to be, and how imminent must it be?”

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    One million Muslim pilgrims were converging on Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca on Wednesday for the largest hajj since the COVID-19 pandemic severely curtailed access to one of Islam's five pillars.

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    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he plans to stay in power despite the resignations of two top cabinet ministers and a slew of more junior officials.

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    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has put on hold its ban on sales of Juul Labs' e-cigarettes, with the health agency saying late on Tuesday that it would do an additional review of the company's marketing application.