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    A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his foreign minister made a rough landing on Sunday as it was crossing a mountainous area in heavy fog on the way back from a visit to Azerbaijan, Iranian news agencies said.

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    When King Charles handed over a senior military title to Prince William the other day, it was more than a symbolic passing on of a role. It was also a personal moment rife with symbolism for the monarch and his heir, and hinted at the family dynamics at play right now in the House of Windsor.

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    CBC News's Paul Hunter travels with the World Food Program from the port city of Cap-Haïtien to Port-au-Prince to witness the cataclysmic humanitarian crisis and efforts to bring food and aid to millions of Haitians.

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    Benny Gantz, a member of Israel's three-man war cabinet, has threatened to resign from the government if it doesn't adopt a new plan for the Israel-Hamas war — a move that would leave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more reliant on his far-right allies.

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    Ukraine is trying to fend off a Russian offensive in the northeastern border region of Kharkiv, but it can only use its U.S.-provided firepower on its own side of the border when trying to thwart attacks.