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News Feed

  1. 'Biden

    U.S. President Joe Biden is in Ottawa today for an official visit — a whirlwind trip that will include an address to Parliament, a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other high-level officials and a gala dinner at the city's Aviation Museum.

  2. 'Hospital

    Health-care teams in the U.K. are providing hospital-quality care for people in their homes to help ease systems facing a shortage of hospital beds. And while versions of these programs exist in Canada, some experts say we need more of them.

  3. 'Natalia

    This week, 17 children were brought back to Ukraine from Crimea, where they were staying in camps and at a special boarding school after being taken there by Russian authorities.

  4. 'Haiti

    Canada appears to have resisted U.S. pressure to lead an intervention force in Haiti. CBC News spoke with Canadian military experts who say that a police action in Haiti would be a difficult mission for the Canadian Forces — one with no guarantee of success.

  5. al-roj-detainees

    More than two dozen women and children held in northeastern Syrian detention camps are due to arrive on Canadian soil any day, but the fate of 10 of those children is unknown after their mothers were given the “cruel” choice of giving them up or keeping them in “inhumane” conditions, according to advocates.