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  1. 'U.S.

    U.S. President Joe Biden provided a brief sketch Friday of what his first 100 days of a second Oval Office term would look like, as the veteran leader's re-election bid continued to face headwinds from a still-growing faction of Democrat voices urging him to bow out.

  2. 'A

    On Friday, an Israeli airstrike hit a warehouse in Al-Mawasi, killing four workers of various international aid organizations.

  3. 'U.S.

    Facing extraordinary pressure to drop out of the presidential race, Joe Biden made cringe-inducing mistakes but also delivered long, substantive answers in a so-so performance that did little to resolve his party's ghastly dilemma.

  4. 'A

    Republicans will assemble in Milwaukee on Monday to kick off the Republican National Convention, where the party will formally nominate Donald Trump as its presidential candidate in the Nov. 5 U.S. election and approve a party platform. 

  5. 'A

    NASA is marking the two-year anniversary of the James Webb Space Telescope with a beautiful image of two interacting galaxies, which may look a little familiar.