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Top 10 teams

Pos Team Pl SD Pts
1. FC Bulldogs 1 +2 3
2. AC Pumas 1 -2 0
3. FC Rangers 0 0
4. SC Bears 0 0
5. AC Tigers 0 0
6. RB Panthers 0 0
7. FC Kickers 0 0
8. FC Eagles 0 0
9. WC Warriors 0 0
10. US Vikings 0 0

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    A new transparent global system should be set up for probing disease outbreaks, empowering the World Health Organization to deploy investigators at short notice and reveal findings, a COVID-19 pandemic review panel said on Wednesday.


    Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday to eject Liz Cheney from her leadership post in caucus, a move likely to cement their dependence on former president Donald Trump ahead of the 2022 elections.

  3. 'Shell gas pump out of service' width='460' title='A Sorry Out Of Service

    Problems with two major oil and gasoline pipelines in the U.S. underscore how fragile the North American energy infrastructure grid is and how vulnerable Canadians are to supply disruption.


    Fuel shortages worsened in the southeastern United States on Wednesday, as the shutdown of the largest U.S. fuel pipeline network entered its sixth day and gasoline stations ran out of supply in some cities.

  5. 'Food

    A worrisome bout of inflation struck the economy in April, with U.S. consumer prices surging 0.8 per cent and the year-over-year increase reaching its fastest rate since 2008.

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