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Top 10 teams

Pos Team Pl SD Pts
1. FC Bulldogs 1 +2 3
2. AC Pumas 1 -2 0
3. FC Kickers 0 0
4. FC Rangers 0 0
5. SC Bears 0 0
6. AC Tigers 0 0
7. RB Panthers 0 0
8. US Vikings 0 0
9. FC Eagles 0 0
10. WC Warriors 0 0

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  1. Virus Outbreak China Daily Life

    The World Health Organization said Monday an advance team looking into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak has concluded its mission in China, and the UN health agency is preparing the deployment of a larger group of experts to the suspected outbreak zone.

  2. 1263438003

    Isaias was forecast to strike land as a minimal hurricane on Monday in the Carolinas, where coastal residents braced for possible storm surge and flooding rains.


    John Hume, a key Roman Catholic architect of Northern Ireland's 1998 Good Friday peace agreement who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in ending 30 years of sectarian violence, died on Monday at the age of 83, his SDLP party said.


    Former pope Benedict XVI, the first pontiff in 600 years to resign instead of ruling for life, is seriously ill, a German newspaper reported on Monday.

  5. 1227887859

    Australia's second-biggest city, Melbourne, entered its first day of tougher restrictions to contain the spread of a resurgent coronavirus on Monday.

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