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Top 10 teams

Pos Team Pl SD Pts
1. FC Bulldogs 1 +2 3
2. AC Pumas 1 -2 0
3. FC Eagles 0 0
4. WC Warriors 0 0
5. US Vikings 0 0
6. FC Rangers 0 0
7. SC Bears 0 0
8. AC Tigers 0 0
9. RB Panthers 0 0
10. FC Kickers 0 0

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CBC | World News
  1. 'A

    O.J. Simpson was found civilly liable for the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and her acquaintance Ronald Goldman. The Goldman family may have a less difficult time in collecting money from that judgment after Simpson's death, but it will still be complicated.

  2. 'A

    O.J. Simpson, the football star, actor and pitchman whose shocking arrest for double murder and subsequent acquittal at trial shone a light on American race relations, has died.

  3. 'A

    A court in Vietnam on Thursday ordered the death penalty for a real estate tycoon found guilty in a financial fraud case totalling more than $12 billion US.

  4. 'Dozens

    Russian missiles and drones destroyed a large electricity plant near Kyiv and hit power facilities in several Ukrainian regions on Thursday, officials said, ramping up pressure on the embattled energy system as Ukraine runs low on air defences.

  5. 'A

    Ippei Mizuhar, the former longtime interpreter for Los Angeles Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani is being charged with federal bank fraud for crimes involving gambling debts and theft of millions of dollars from the Japanese baseball sensation, federal authorities said Thursday.

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