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  1. APTOPIX Virus Outbreak China

    At the outbreak of the pandemic, China set out "zero-COVID" measures that were harsh, but not out of line with other countries. While most other countries saw the regulations as temporary until vaccines were available, China has stuck steadfastly to its strategy. Here are some of their regulations.

  2. Election 2024 Trump Ye

    A growing number of Republicans, including former vice-president Mike Pence, criticized Donald Trump on Monday for dining with a Holocaust-denying white nationalist days after launching his third campaign for the White House.

  3. Migration Spain Stowaways

    Spain's maritime rescue service says it has rescued three stowaways found on a ship's rudder in the Canary Islands after the vessel sailed there from Nigeria.

  4. Miida 1

    While much of the world's eyes have been focused elsewhere this year, Somalia has slipped deeper into crisis. A famine is knocking. UNICEF estimates that in Somalia since August, one child has been sent to hospital for malnutrition every minute.


    The murder of Ariadna Lopez has shone a fresh spotlight on repeated shortcomings in investigations of violent crimes against women in Mexico, where recorded numbers of murders of women are rising, reaching an average of 20 deaths per day in 2022.