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  1. A man in a crowd waves.

    Seven jurors were empanelled by the second day of Donald Trump’s trial Tuesday, leaving only five slots plus several backups unfilled. It was faster than most had predicted for the historic and unusual criminal trial.

  2. Two women are shown standing by a sign that is posted on a door calling for a ceasefire.

    The artist and curators representing Israel at this year's Venice Biennale announced Tuesday they won't open the Israeli pavilion exhibition until there is a ceasefire in Gaza and an agreement to release hostages.

  3. A piece of disfigured metal sits on a white counter, with a light shining on it.

    When a strange object hit Alejandro Otero's home in Florida, he had to return early from vacation. Once he got in touch with NASA, he learned it was a piece of space junk from the International Space Station.

  4. A robotic rover sits on a red, rocky surface.

    NASA's plan to bring samples from Mars back to Earth is on hold until there's a faster, cheaper way, space agency officials said Monday.

  5. Cars drive through a flooded street during a rain storm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    The Dubai Police have issued a public safety advisory after heavy storms washed over the city, leaving streets flooded. More unstable weather is expected to continue until Wednesday.