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  1. Europe Pipelines

    A series of unusual leaks on two natural gas pipelines running from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany triggered concerns about possible sabotage Tuesday, with Swedish officials indicating underwater seismic activity may have occurred as a result.

  2. Cuba Tropical Weather

    A strengthening Hurricane Ian's rain and winds lashed Cuba's western tip, where authorities have evacuated 50,000 people, as it became a major Category 3 storm early Tuesday. It could gain even more strength in the Gulf of Mexico as it reaches Florida's west coast this week.

  3. Nepal US Mountain Skiers

    Nepalese rescuers in a helicopter are searching for a famed U.S. ski climber a day after she fell off near the peak of the world's eighth-highest mountain.

  4. Dubai World Chess Championship

    The genteel world of chess has been rocked by accusations of cheating made by the game's leading player.

  5. 1425562106

    No longer able to afford skyrocketing power bills after Russia cut gas supplies, European businesses are shutting down and residents are bracing for rolling blackouts during a cold, dark and potentially deadly winter.