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    A prop firearm discharged by veteran actor Alec Baldwin, who is producing and starring in a Western movie, killed the cinematographer and injured the film's director Thursday on a set outside Santa Fe, N.M., authorities said.

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    With the COVID-19 death toll in the United States having surpassed 730,000, Dr. Anthony Fauci tells IDEAS host Nahlah Ayed that he finds it "mind-boggling" that partisanship and skepticism of science continue to fuel the pandemic.

  3. Elephants Missing Tusks

    Years of civil war and poaching in Mozambique have led to a greater proportion of elephants that will never develop tusks, a new study has found.

  4. Ethiopia Tigray Crisis

    Ethiopian military airstrikes on Friday forced a United Nations humanitarian flight to abandon its landing in the capital of the country's Tigray region, according to two aid workers.


    A vast trove of fossils unearthed in Argentina's southern Patagonia region is offering the oldest-known evidence that some dinosaurs thrived in a complex and well-organized herd structure, with adults caring for the young and sharing a communal nesting ground.