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  1. A bearded man with an anguished look on his face embraces a person whose face is not visible. Both are standing in front of a crowd of people outdoors.

    Health authorities in Gaza said on Thursday Israeli fire on people waiting for aid near Gaza City had killed 104 Palestinians and wounded 280, with one hospital saying it had received 10 bodies and dozens of injured patients.

  2. A person standing in front of a line of U.S. flags is greeted by an audience of supporters.

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to decide whether former U.S. president Donald Trump can be prosecuted on charges he interfered with the 2020 election, calling into question whether his case could go to trial before the November election.

  3. Purple "Wonka" sign.

    It was meant to be a magical, chocolate-filled, immersive journey into "pure imagination." Instead, the much-hyped Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Experience in Glasgow, Scotland, left children in tears, parents demanding refunds and the internet in stitches.

  4. A man in military fatigues sits in a chair on a stage.

  5. A crowd of protestors  stand in a street holding signs in french

    France's Senate on Wednesday adopted a bill to enshrine the right to an abortion in the constitution, clearing a key hurdle for legislation promised by President Emmanuel Macron in response to a rollback in abortion rights in the United States.