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  1. 'Smoke

  2. 'Haley

    Some Democrats are weighing a desperate gambit for stopping Donald Trump: Voting in the Republican primaries, for Nikki Haley, or another candidate. With Trump dominating primary polls, and leading most general-election polls, they're worried about their democracy and desperately seeking a plot twist.

  3. 'Armed

    The Philippine president blamed “foreign terrorists” for a bomb blast that killed four people Sunday, wounded dozens of other Catholic worshippers in the south, and sparked a security alarm, including in the capital, Manila, where state forces were put on alert.

  4. 'Chef

    Italy's food is famous the world over, but many talented young chefs, hoping to make a career in their country, find themselves frustrated by low pay, lack of labour protection and scant prospects.

  5. 'A

    What kind of smile is on King Charles's face? How do his eyebrows look? Is he relaxed? Montreal portrait artist Steven Rosati pondered such thoughts as he created the image of Charles that will appear on one side of all Canadian coins.