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    Warplanes pound the last rebel enclave near the Syrian capital for a fifth straight day as the UN pleaded for a truce to halt one of the fiercest air assaults of the seven-year civil and prevent a "massacre."

  2. South Korean women speed skaters

    Half a million South Koreans have signed a petition demanding two members of the speed-skating team lose their positions on the national squad for bullying a teammate, Matt Kwong writes.

  3. Trump Guns

    U.S. President Donald Trump largely listened during a meeting at the White House with teen survivors of school violence and parents of child victims, but an enterprising photographer captured the handwritten talking points he brought to the meeting.

  4. Agams

    Oxfam has confirmed to CBC News it had to drop a planned campaign to raise sexual assault awareness, providing a glimpse into the extent to which emerging misconduct allegations impacted the work of many in the charitable organization who were just trying to do their jobs.

  5. SpaceX launches PAZ satellite LIVE

    The Falcon 9 rocket lifts satellite to low-Earth orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California


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