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  1. Election 2020 Bernie Sanders

    In the race for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders will be looking for his first big win in the Nevada caucuses today — while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren will be looking for renewed signs of life.

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    Nevada Democrats will host hundreds of caucuses on Saturday, the third contest in the state-by-state U.S. presidential nominating process, and nomination candidate Bernie Sanders will face a major test of his front-runner status.

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    South Korea on Saturday reported an eight-fold jump in viral infections in four days to 433, most of them linked to a church and a hospital in and around the country's fourth-largest city, where health workers scrambled to screen thousands of worshippers.


    As cases rise in Iran and South Korea, both Canada's chief public health officer and the World Health Organization emphasized on Friday that containing the spread of coronavirus is a global priority that extends far beyond China.

  5. 1202178409

    Iranian state TV has announced the first partial results from the country's parliamentary elections, indicating a strong showing by hardliners in the capital Tehran.

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