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  1. 'Iranian

    According to a source close to the Iranian rapper, Toomaj Salehi has reportedly been subjected to severe torture in prison after being abducted by regime forces over a month ago.

  2. 'Micael

    Within two years, Sweden — the formerly neutral Nordic country that's soon to join NATO — will meet the western military alliance's often-debated defence spending target of two per cent of gross domestic product.

  3. 'Syria

    The federal government is looking at helping to secure the release of 19 Canadian women and children being held in northeastern Syria, a newly filed court document says.


    Canada managed to resolve its most pressing complaint about the Buy-American provisions in the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act. But the Europeans are still steaming over what it could mean for electric vehicle manufacuring. The French president's visit to Washington highlights lingering trade tensions at a perilous trans-Atlantic moment.

  5. 'Nasser Mohamed' width='460' title='Nasser Mohamed is shown with Love is not criminal

    Referred to as Qatar’s first person to come out publicly as gay, Dr. Nasser Mohamed thought having the World Cup on his home soil was the perfect opportunity to shed light on the country’s mistreatment of LGBTQ2+ people.

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