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  1. 'Russian

    Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked North Korea for supporting his actions in Ukraine and said their countries will co-operate closely to overcome U.S.-led sanctions. He touched down in Pyongyang on Tuesday for a summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

  2. 'A

    Russia has turned increasingly to blackmail and financial incentives to hire Germans as spies after Europe expelled some 600 Russian diplomats, Germany's domestic security service said.

  3. 'A

    Singer Justin Timberlake was arrested early Tuesday and is accused of driving while intoxicated on New York's Long Island, authorities said.

  4. 'People

    Thailand's Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage, clearing the last legislative hurdle for the country to become the first in Southeast Asia to enact such a law.

  5. 'A

    This week, in Birmingham, Ala., baseball fans will gather for a game like no other: The San Fransciso Giants and St. Louis Cardinals will play at Rickwood Field, the oldest professional baseball park in the United States.