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Top 10 teams

1. FC Bulldogs
2. FC Soccer
3. Kapino
4. Reda
5. Bolszewo
6. Orle
7. Gowino
8. Nanice
9. Pieleszewo
10. Ustarbowo

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    George Floyd's family filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the City of Minneapolis and the four police officers charged in his death, alleging the officers violated Floyd's rights when they restrained him and that the city allowed a culture of excessive force, racism and impunity to flourish in its police department.


    Canadians have been flooding the foreign chapter of the Democratic Party with offers to help it defeat Donald Trump in this fall’s presidential election. We look at U.S. campaign laws: what's legal, what's ethical, and what's not.

  3. Virus Outbreak Florida

    Florida reported more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases Wednesday and reached 300,000 total infections amid an ongoing surge in the United States. Here's the latest on the pandemic from around the world.

  4. Britain Protests Slavery

    An artist has erected a statue of a Black Lives Matter protester atop the plinth in the English city of Bristol formerly occupied by a statue of a slave trader.


    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson committed on Wednesday to holding an inquiry into the country's handling of the coronavirus crisis but said now was not the time as the battle to combat the pandemic was ongoing.

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