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  1. U.S. Supreme Court

    U.S. President Donald Trump says he will announce his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court by the end of this week. Here are the five women at the top of his list.

  2. Election 2020 Trump

    President Donald Trump on Monday prepared to push ahead with plans for his third U.S. Supreme Court nomination, which would cement a 6-3 conservative majority, as some Republicans wavered on whether to support the move weeks ahead of an election.

  3. Saint-Hubert raid

    RCMP officers searched a condominium in Saint-Hubert on Montreal's South Shore on Monday in connection with ricin-laced envelopes sent to the White House as well as to several officials in Texas.

  4. Election 2020 Wisconsin Absentees

    A U.S. federal judge ruled Monday that absentee ballots in battleground Wisconsin can be counted up to six days after the Nov. 3 presidential election as long as they are postmarked by election day.


    Warming in the Arctic shrank the ice covering the polar ocean this year to its second-lowest extent in four decades, scientists announced Monday, yet another sign of how climate change is rapidly transforming the region.