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  1. 'Haiti

    The death toll from heavy floods that hit Haiti over the weekend has risen to 42, with another 11 people missing, authorities said Monday.

  2. 'Russia

    Russian officials said their forces thwarted large Ukrainian attacks in two provinces of Ukraine illegally annexed by Moscow. Ukraine did not confirm the attacks, making it unclear whether they marked the start of an anticipated counteroffensive.

  3. 'Eyre

    Canadian troops in Latvia have been buying their own ballistic helmets with better ear protection and are looking at their allies with envy as Danish soldiers arrive with more modern Canadian-made weapons. It is a sign that the army’s problems with equipping its battle group in the Baltic go beyond the absence of modern anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.

  4. 'Craig

    Canadian entrepreneur Craig Cohon finished a 4,250-kilometre journey across Europe on Monday after walking for five months straight to draw attention to carbon emissions. He also drained his entire pension fund, which amounted to $1 million.


    Former vice-president Mike Pence filed paperwork on Monday declaring his campaign for president in 2024, setting up a challenge to his former boss, Donald Trump, just two years after their time in the White House ended with an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and Pence fleeing for his life.