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Dakota Jenkins

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  2. 'Pentagon

    Canada has attended a first-of-its-kind briefing at the Pentagon on unidentified flying objects. Amid extraordinary new claims, a new United States office has delivered its first-ever briefing to allied nations.

  3. 'CNN

    CNN ousted chief executive Chris Licht after a tumultuous year leading the struggling news network that culminated in a damning magazine profile and the growing realization that he'd lost the confidence of the network's journalists.

  4. 'Neighbor

    A Florida woman accused of fatally shooting her neighbour last week in the violent culmination of what the sheriff described as a two-and-a-half year feud was arrested Tuesday, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said.

  5. 455226259

    The Iron Sheik, a former pro wrestler who relished playing a burly, bombastic villain in 1980s battles with some of the sport's biggest stars and later became a popular Twitter personality, died on Wednesday, the WWE said. He was 81.