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  1. Italy Climate

    Weary officials from almost 200 countries faced another day of negotiations at United Nations climate talks to bridge their last remaining differences as small island countries on Friday demanded an ambitious stance against global warming.

  2. Michael Cohen

    Donald Trump's former personal lawyer says buying the silence of two women because of their alleged affairs was directly tied to his prospects in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

  3. Syria

    U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led fighters captured the last town held by ISIS on Friday, after three months of ferocious battles in the militants' single remaining enclave in eastern Syria, activists and Kurdish officials said.

  4. AFP_MT67V

    Three years after they helped forge the landmark Paris agreement, the U.S. and China are effectively on opposite sides of the climate discussion, Nahlah Ayed writes.

  5. 83564413

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a sweeping package of Republican-written legislation Friday that restricts early voting and weakens the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general, brushing aside complaints that he is enabling a brazen power grab and ignoring the will of voters.