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  1. aubrey.jpg

    Air traffic controllers at Reagan National Airport can peer down at Washington's centres of power from their high-tech perch. Yet these days, even from their elevated fishbowl, the people who direct the nation's skies are feeling powerless while on the job.


    Brexit offers an economic warning to Canadians trying to benefit by stoking anger and division.


    The world is seeing growing resistance against the abuses of autocrats as states, civic groups and popular movements all push back against populists seeking to curtail freedoms, according to a new global report released Thursday that also outlines where Canada is both advancing and falling short in its efforts.

  4. APTOPIX Tunisia Strike

    Workers around Tunisia went on strike Thursday to demand higher pay in a standoff with a government struggling to reduce unemployment, poverty and social tensions.

  5. Kirk Woodman

    A Canadian kidnapped in Burkina Faso has been found dead, says his family, two days after he was abducted by gunmen.