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    President Donald Trump says Turkey has informed the U.S. it will make "permanent" a five-day ceasefire in Syria. In response, he says he's directing the lifting of economic sanctions on Turkey.

  2. lev-igor

    Two foreign-born Florida businessmen who helped President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani investigate political rival Joe Biden have pleaded not guilty to illegally funnelling money to a pro-Trump election committee and other politicians.

  3. Carbon Tax Poll 20190212

    Quebec finds itself in the middle of a legal battle launched by the Trump administration against the state of California.

  4. Britain Truck Bodies Found

    Police found the bodies of 39 people inside a Bulgarian-registered truck trailer at an industrial park east of London Wednesday.


    Iraqi authorities committed serious human rights violations and abuses in their response to a wave of anti-government protests earlier this month that saw 149 civilians killed, the United Nations said.