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    Vladmir Putin's call to 'partially mobilize' Russian men to fight against Ukraine has created an exodus at its borders and significant ethical questions for its neighbours.

  2. 'Europe

    A series of unusual leaks on two natural gas pipelines running from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany triggered concerns about possible sabotage Tuesday, with Swedish officials indicating underwater seismic activity may have occurred as a result.

  3. 'Europe

    A sprawling disinformation network originating in Russia sought to use hundreds of fake social media accounts and dozens of sham news websites to spread Kremlin talking points about the invasion of Ukraine, Meta revealed Tuesday.

  4. 'Uganda

    The risk of potential serious public health impact from the outbreak within Uganda is considered high, WHO says.

  5. 'Cyprus

    Iranian riot police and security forces clashed with demonstrators in dozens of cities on Tuesday, state media and social media said, amid continuing protests against the death of young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini in police custody.