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    A subcurrent of worry pulsed through a summit involving distant Asian nations this week in Washington, but the event also offered a window into angst of global concern: Fears of a military standoff with China.

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    Italy has co-ordinated the evacuation of 156 Palestinians from Gaza. But both those who've made it out of the war zone and the NGOs trying to help them say last-minute planning has led to confusion and isolation for evacuees anxious about losing their Palestinian nationality and becoming permanent refugees. 

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    An attacker who fatally knifed six people in a Sydney mall was shot dead by police in Sydney's beachside suburb of Bondi on Saturday, police said, as hundreds fled the scene.

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    Victor Manuel Rocha, a former career U.S. diplomat, was sentenced Friday to 15 years in federal prison after admitting he worked for decades as a secret agent for communist Cuba. The plea agreement leaves many unanswered questions about a betrayal that stunned the U.S. foreign service.