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  1. 'Biden

    For the first time in generations, the U.S. military has spent public money — Americans' money — to fund private-sector mining projects in Canada. It's reminiscent of a pre-Second World War program. And it speaks to a pervasive fear in the U.S. capital. Here's what the Pentagon wants.

  2. 'Villagers

    More than 670 people are assumed to have died in Papua New Guinea's massive landslide, the United Nations migration agency estimated on Sunday as rescue efforts continued.

  3. 'Britain's

    The cost-of-living crisis may be the dominant issue during the six-week U.K. election campaign.

  4. 'A

    The incident with the Qatar Airways plane comes five days after a British man died of a suspected heart attack and dozens of people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight from London hit severe turbulence.

  5. 'An

    A convoy of about 200 trucks carrying supplies began entering the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing on Sunday.

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