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    When American presidents visit Canada, there's a recurring pattern in their oratory. They deliver spoonfuls of sugar — sweet, syrupy odes to one of the happier nation-to-nation relationships in a troubled world. Then comes the dose of medicine — a shot of tough love along with the sucrose in the form of a request for Canada to do more in the world.

  2. Deonar-garbage-mountain

    There have long been promises to clear out India's mountains of waste but that reality seems distant at Mumbai's massive Deonar landfill, where 100,000 people depend on the informal garbage industry of picking through trash for plastic and metal to eke out a livelihood, despite the health risks associated with the work.

  3. 'Mental

    WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions and images. Seven sheriff's deputies and three hospital workers are facing second-degree murder charges in the death of a Black man while he was waiting to be admitted to hospital earlier this month.

  4. 'Pakistan

    A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattled much of Pakistan and Afghanistan on Tuesday, sending panicked residents fleeing from homes and offices and frightening people even in remote villages. At least nine people died.

  5. 'Israel

    Canada is condemning comments made by Israel’s finance minister, who claimed there is no such thing as Palestinian history or culture and no such thing as a Palestinian people.