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    Protesters defied an emergency decree and confronted police in Chile's capital Monday, continuing violent clashes, arson and looting that have left at least 12 dead and led the president to say the country is "at war."

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    Campaigners who fought for decades to end Northern Ireland's same-sex marriage ban and restrictions on abortion gathered in Belfast on Monday to prepare for a momentous change to the laws at the stroke of midnight.

  3. Mexico cartel violence

    Mexico jumped into action on Monday in the wake of a cartel assault that freed Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman's son in a northern city, sending in special forces to patrol the town and asking U.S. officials to stop gun-smuggling across the shared border.


    Bolivia's electoral board released new data late on Monday that showed President Evo Morales had enough votes to win the hotly contested election, sparking allegations of fraud from the opposition and angry clashes in the streets.


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave up his effort to form a new government Monday after failing to secure a majority coalition, creating an opportunity for centrist rival Benny Gantz to replace Israel's longest-serving prime minister.