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  2. 'Two

    Triathlon and marathon swimming at the 2024 Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in Paris's Seine river, where it has been illegal to swim for more than a century. Politicians insist the water will be clean enough for athletes, but experts aren’t so sure.

  3. 'Armed

    In a 236-page report published Wednesday, Human Rights Watch said Hamas and at least four other Palestinian armed groups committed war crimes by killing, torturing, taking hostages, looting and committing crimes involving sexual and gender-based violence during their attack on Israel.

  4. 'A

    Indiana rookie Caitlin Clark broke the WNBA record for assists in a game Wednesday night, finishing with 19 in the Fever's 101-93 loss to the Dallas Wings.

  5. 'Soldiers

    Vice-Admiral Brad Cooper, deputy commander at U.S. Central Command, told reporters in a Pentagon briefing on Wednesday that the pier achieved its intended effect in what he called an "unprecedented operation."