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  1. Trump Border Security

    Battling with one branch of government and opening a new confrontation with another, U.S. President Donald Trump announced Friday he's declaring a national emergency to fulfil his pledge to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

  2. AFP_1DF28C

    After eight days of street violence that left at least seven people dead, the president of Haiti addressed the nation, rejecting protesters' demands that he resign.

  3. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed

    CBC News has determined that as many as 32 Canadians are being held by Kurdish-led forces fighting ISIS in Syria. Given the changing circumstances on the ground, there's pressure on the Canadian government to decide what do to with its suspected militants and their families in makeshift prisons.

  4. AFP_1D71VU

    The Trump administration is sending another large shipment of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan border in Colombia, this time using U.S. military aircraft to pressure President Nicolas Maduro to give up power, according to a leaked U.S. State Department email to Congress.

  5. Measles Outbreak

    In New York state and Washington state, U.S. travelers picked up measles in foreign countries where the highly contagious disease was running rampant and brought it back to places where vaccination rates were too low by U.S. public health standards.