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    The Israeli army said Saturday it struck several Houthi targets in western Yemen, a day after a fatal drone attack by the rebel group in Tel Aviv. A Houthi spokesperson says Yemen faced "Israeli aggression" that targeted fuel storage facilities and a power station.

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    It is 50 years since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus put Canadian peacekeepers on the frontline of a war between two countries and two communities. CBC News looks back at a 30-year mission where tens of thousands of Canadian soldiers served.

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    SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket experienced a mishap in space, causing the Federal Aviation Administration to ground the rocket, potentially delaying an ambitious private mission that would see the first commercial spacewalk.

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    A handful of HIV patients have gone into remission after stem cell transplants for cancer treatment, but using these advances to scale up treatment for HIV remains elusive. However, the latest remission case involving a German HIV patient could help open up the donor pool and have promising implications for future cure strategies.