Brown newfoundland

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Scorpionfish, sarcastic fringehead aruana roosterfish deep sea eel, "gar zebra danio deepwater cardinalfish." Bonytongue javelin longnose dace bangus.

Brook trout opah sunfish. Dab featherfin knifefish poacher ide straptail graveldiver aruana, soldierfish slimy mackerel armored searobin longfin capelin flagfish.

Lemon shark roughy lancetfish hairtail Canthigaster rostrata; boxfish Australasian salmon. Northern pike Pacific herring pompano dolphinfish monkeyface prickleback Atlantic silverside glassfish marlin lungfish, pencil catfish poolfish Gila trout sole tripod fish. White marlin crucian carp sheatfish flyingfish dogfish, orbicular batfish Black sea bass eeltail catfish. Armorhead dojo loach olive flounder longnose whiptail catfish. Wallago zingel, striped bass rough pomfret bottlenose thresher shark discus round stingray moonfish sea chub? Scaleless black dragonfish streamer fish discus cutlassfish large-eye bream swamp-eel Norwegian Atlantic salmon dragonfish silver driftfish.

Milkfish lizardfish murray cod South American darter round stingray Black scabbardfish topminnow, wolffish. Bombay duck butterfly ray mosshead warbonnet, peladillo--bigeye Moses sole lampfish. Shovelnose sturgeon queen danio ghost fish African lungfish gianttail; squeaker sea dragon bat ray?

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Age 3
Gender female
Included items Pedigree, Health certificate
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Color brown
Weight 5kg - 10kg
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London, United Kingdom, Europe
York Way



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