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    Donald Trump is on the cusp of cementing his stranglehold on the U.S. Republican Party, which is voting Wednesday on purging a rare member of its leadership who is critical of the former president. Liz Cheney and her defenders call this a defining moment for democracy.

  2. 'Shell gas pump out of service' width='460' title='A Sorry Out Of Service

    Problems with two major oil and gasoline pipelines in the U.S. underscore how fragile the North American energy infrastructure grid is and how vulnerable Canadians are to supply disruption.

  3. 'Israel

    Israel on Tuesday stepped up its attacks on the Gaza Strip, flattening a highrise building used by the Hamas militant group and killing at least three militants in their hideouts as Palestinian rockets rained down almost nonstop on parts of Israel.

  4. 'Ahmaud

    Three Georgia men pleaded not guilty to federal hate crime charges Tuesday in the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man who authorities say was chased and shot while jogging.

  5. 'Virus

    Allegations of racial profiling at the U.S. border are nothing new. What's more unusual is how they are now coming from inside the agency that oversees the U.S. border. They're contained in a lawsuit against the U.S. government from three officers stationed at a Michigan-Ontario border crossing.