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    Sea levels could rise by as much as two metres by 2100 in a worst-case scenario involving melting ice caps and high CO2 emissions, new research suggests.

  2. Trump

    New York lawmakers give final passage to legislation that would allow U.S. President Donald Trump's state tax returns to be released to congressional committees that have, so far, been barred from getting the president's federal filings.

  3. Trump Porn Star Timeline

    Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who rocketed to fame through his representation of porn star Stormy Daniels in her battles with President Donald Trump, has been charged with ripping her off.

  4. Delhi

    Over the last five years, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been seen both as an incorruptible champion of the masses and the “divider in chief.”

  5. Philippines garbage

    Canada is spending more than a million dollars to bring home dozens of containers of rotting garbage back to Canada from the Philippines in the coming days. Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna announced today that her government has awarded a contract to Bolloré Logistics Canada.